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Southern N H Home InspectionOwning a home can be stressful when things go awry. Understanding the interworking’s of your home can help you maintain your home and minimize unplanned costly repairs. A home inspection is a great way to Identify potential problems with your home before they happen. Xtra Mile can provide you with a detailed Home Inspection that gives you the information you need about your home’s condition and how to properly maintain your home.

A typical New Hampshire residential purchase and sales agreement gives the buyer ten days from the date the contract is signed to complete any and all inspections. Under some circumstances, a longer inspection or period may be granted i.e. waiting for test results to come back from the laboratory.

It is important to schedule your home inspection as soon as possible after all parties have signed the contract. Most quality inspectors are scheduling days in advance, and you only have a limited time to:

  • Get the Inspection scheduled and have the inspection completed.
  • Complete any additional inspections that may be required as a result of the initial inspections.
  • Determine what issues, if any, you may want the seller to address
  • Confirm that issues the seller have agreed to address are correctly completed

What is the process on the day of the home inspection?

It is a good idea that you attend the home inspection and walk with the home inspector as he inspects the home asking any questions that you may have. At Xtra Mile Home Inspection Services we want to make sure that you understand the systems of your new home. We inspect the roof, structure, foundation, plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical, interior and exterior according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).

Throughout the inspection, the inspector will record his observations so that he will be sure to capture all the information on the spot. We use a full narrative report format, rather than a simple check-box style report, to provide you with a complete and thorough description of the property. In addition, we take digital photos and annotate them to further identify component and system locations and to define property defects or concerns.

When the inspection is completed, we will take our documented information back to the office and complete the report and send it to you in a pdf format. We do not do our reports on site because we don’t want to miss anything and to ensure that we are not wasting your time by standing around while we finish your report. We at Xtra Mile Home Inspections know your time is valuable and we respect that.

How long does a home inspection take?

A typical home inspection takes roughly 1.5 and 2 hours to complete, based on a 2500 sq ft vacant home. A 2500 sq ft home that is furnished will take approximately 2 hours.

What do I receive after the home inspection when I hire Xtra Mile Home Inspection Services?

When you hire Xtra Mile Home Inspection Services you get a home inspection company that cares about you and what you are purchasing. We understand that this is one of the biggest if not the biggest purchase you will probably ever make. We inspect a home as if we are buying the home ourselves.

At the end of the inspection you will receive a 3 ring binder with the following information:

  1. A copy of the inspection agreement.
  2. A copy of our Code of Ethics.
  3. A copy of our Standards of Practice that we go by.
  4. A 96 page book entitled “Now That You’ve Had A Home Inspection”
  5. A pdf file with your home inspection report so that you can print it out and place it in your 3 ring binder for future reference.
  6. A Free Wood Destroying Insect Report.