What Home Inspectors Look For During a Home Inspection

For some, the idea of a home inspection can be stressful. Some say because you don’t know what to expect, while others say it’s a deal killer. A home inspection may cause anxiety to both buyers and sellers, but it’s beneficial for both parties. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, you should know that no home inspection report will be perfect, not even on a brand new home.

A home inspection does not pass or fail. The inspection report will indicate issues that need to be addressed, from minor issues to costly repairs. Read more to know what home inspectors look for during a home inspection and other important points about this valuable home-buying step.

What Home Inspectors Look For?

Any buyer who thinks of skipping the home inspection may ultimately regret their decision. The core benefit of a home inspection in Nashua NH is that you are informed of the issues to avoid unwanted surprises once you move in. Most real estate agents make sure that the home inspection is part of the buying contract.

Typically, a home inspection takes between 2 to 5 hours, depending on the home’s size and age. The home inspection covers structural elements such as safety, function, and structure, including the foundation, basement, walls, doors, windows, ceiling, attic, roof, and the major systems, including the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. The home inspector will look for health and safety hazards and the current conditions of the home. Usually, within 24-hours following the home inspection, you have the narrative and comprehensive report that will inform you of the inspector’s.

When to Worry

Soon, you’ll be living in your dream home. One of the main things that might be standing between you and that door is the home inspection. “How do I move forward? What if the inspection reveals problems? Should I worry?” These are common questions every homebuyer has. Let’s take a look at the five red flags to check out before you move forward.

1. Evidence Of Mold

The presence of mold is not only unsightly but also very unhealthy. An extensive mitigation action can be done, but this can be very costly, especially in hard-to-reach areas. A home plagued with mold can be dangerous for highly sensitive people such as children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those with respiratory problems.

2. Outdated and faulty electrical wiring

In our lives today, we revolve around gadgets and electricity. A perfectly working electrical system should be a top priority; otherwise, it may pose a dangerous fire hazard. Overloaded outlets, outdated and faulty wirings can be highly dangerous, so the electrical systems’ inspection is very important.

3. Water damage

Water is life but can take a toll on the property if it accumulates in places where it shouldn’t. Water stains can be an indication of an active leak and also cause mold growth. Water intrusion on roofs and foundations are a pretty expensive fix.

4. Foundation issues

A good Nashua NH home inspector can tell whether a small minor crack can lead to a more severe problem later on. Some structural weakness signs include bulging or bowing foundation walls that are structural and will need extensive repairs.

5. Septic tank failure

Problems with a septic tank are not only stinky but costly to fix. Not a fresh start to a new home, right?

Be an informed homebuyer by getting the real knowledge you need about the property you wish to purchase. The home inspection and your professional home inspector will help you understand everything about the home you’re looking to buy. 

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