General Building Inspection

General Building Inspection

General Building InspectionWe inspect all types of homes at Xtra Mile Home Inspection Services, LLC, we inspect the following:  condo’s and townhouses attached and detached; single-family homes any size, Multi-Family homes up to 4 units, Mobile Homes, and Manufactured Homes. Schedule your general building inspection in Southern New Hampshire, today!

A house is like a jigsaw puzzle made up of thousands of components put together by different teams. It is a complex endeavor involving many people that usually split up into sub-contractor groups, each working on different parts of the home. Best builders do exist, but it is also nearly impossible to complete without missing something.

When one component is done poorly or is left out, it can affect all other parts inside. This, in turn, gets you stuck in paying for overwhelming repairs and costly replacements. It allows you to identify problems and correct them before things go downhill.

Contractors may have assigned people with different range and conscientiousness that can affect the work being done in a home. And most times, they have a quota that they need to accomplish. An example is the number of homes they need to construct homes and buildings in a limited period.

Schedule Septic Inspection: At Xtra Mile Home Inspection Services, LLC, we schedule the septic inspection for you. You have enough on your plate to worry about scheduling a septic inspection. We will do our best to schedule the septic inspection on the same date and time as the home inspection. We use septic inspectors that only do septic inspections they do not do installs of septic systems that way there is no conflict of interest.  We offer this service for free. At the time of the septic inspection, you will pay them directly.

Call us now at (603)-263-4775 or  Schedule your home inspection in Southern New Hampshire, today!

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Xtra Mile Home Inspection Services, LLC, serving Nashua NH, Manchester NH, Concord NH, Portsmouth NH, and the surrounding area and offering a variety of home inspection services. We are your One-Stop-Shop and help to make the inspection process go more smoothly. We provide a detailed report with the information you need to make an informed buying decision. This is done in a Clear, Concise, and Professional Manner delivering a detailed, electronic report to all clients following the inspection. Schedule your home inspection, Today! 

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