Move-in Certified Seller Inspection

Move-in Certified Seller InspectionIf you’re selling your home, let me inspect it before you even list it. A Move-In Certified Seller Inspection alerts you to any defects or problems so that you can address them before prospective buyers discover them. Take the time you need to obtain reasonable repair estimates. As much as possible avoid 11th-hour delays and justify your full asking price by having your home inspected now.              

Many sellers list their properties on the market without considering electrical issues, plumbing, or even structural defects. Doing so can greatly impact your sale, lose your potential buyers, and affect your integrity as a seller. 

Our Southern NH Move-In Certified Seller Inspection helps homeowners to validate their opinion and perspective about the property. This can also help the seller become more confident in the price and cost being negotiated and adjust if other problems occur unexpectedly. In fact, it can help protect the seller from other legal claims. It gives the buyer confidence that the house they want to purchase has undergone a thorough inspection. This initiative demonstrates your being a trusted and responsible homeowner. 

So, if you plan to sell your house, our Southern NH Move-In Certified Seller Inspection is a must! It is a thorough inspection of your property to ensure that there are no hazards and extensive repairs needed to be done. Moreover, this inspection will help identify any problems before purchasers come hurrying to see your property. You can have the time necessary to fix all issues. Every homeowner needs to do this step to avoid future problems and delays in your sale.  

What are you waiting for? Schedule your Move-In Certified Seller Inspection with your trusted Southern NH home inspection team! 

We at Xtra Mile Home Inspection Services, LLC, offer the most thorough and professional inspection in Southern NH. Our experienced and skilled inspectors guarantee only the best! We do not settle for less and opt for the best methods possible. You will receive a detailed report of your house. Not only do we provide comprehensive and hassle-free inspections, but we’ll give you the peace of mind you highly deserve. 

The home selling process is tedious already. We’ll take the stress out of you so, don’t worry, we have your back! We only want our clients’ best interests. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Call us now at (603)-263-4775 or  Schedule your home inspection in Southern New Hampshire, today!

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Xtra Mile Home Inspection Services, LLC, serving Nashua NH, Manchester NH, Concord NH, Portsmouth NH, and the surrounding area and offering a variety of home inspection services. We are your One-Stop-Shop and help to make the inspection process go more smoothly. We provide a detailed report with the information you need to make an informed buying decision. This is done in a Clear, Concise, and Professional Manner delivering a detailed, electronic report to all clients following the inspection. Schedule your home inspection, Today! 

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