Pest Inspection

Pest Inspection

Pest InspectionAt Xtra Mile Home Inspection Services, LLC, we provide a free pest inspection for all VA/FHA/RD loans, and for conventional loans and cash buyers, we have a cursory pest inspection. Schedule your home inspection in Southern New Hampshire today!

To say that pest infestation is a “nightmare” is an understatement. Nobody wants it, and you most definitely don’t want to experience it just a few months after moving into your new home.

Millions of households are infested by insects and pests that can significantly affect the home’s structural integrity. Let’s take a look at termites. As you can see, termites are not the friendliest when it comes to knocking your house down. They mostly feed on wood and damage insulations, books, and other essential house parts, thus leading the homeowner to great lengths to renovate or fix the damages. That doesn’t sound good. Imagine looking at a beautiful home only to find that it’s rotten underneath.

Xtra Mile Home Inspection Services offer Pest Inspection in Southern New Hampshire. Pest Inspection is one of the most important things a homeowner or a homebuyer should have before purchasing, listing a house, or even living in it. Our Southern NH home inspection professionals will inspect a home, examine and evaluate if pests are present, the damages or problems it caused, and potential issues that may arise due to their infestation in your home.

Among the many uninvited problems and signs of pest infestation that we usually come across during our Pest Inspection in Southern New Hampshire include:

  • Live pests
  • Dead critters
  • Empty or partially destroyed nests
  • Leftover pest control devices
  • Foul odor
  • Holes or marks
  • Greasy marks and droppings
  • Termite activity

With a professional inspector’s help, you can analyze what pests you have in your home and how you can eliminate them. You might ask, “Why do we need to call for professional or registered pest inspectors if we can check them ourselves?” Professionals can tell which is which. You don’t want your investment to go to waste, especially if that involves our dearest homes and properties. Be wise and always call help from a reputable team. Schedule your Pest Inspection today!

Infestations can rapidly grow when left unattended. Insects and other pests can do serious damage not only to your home but to your health as well. The hassle and costly expenses of a pest infestation are one thing you should not encounter.

If you have doubts about your property, call us today! Let our Southern NH home inspectors help you steer clear from a property lemon before it causes you trouble. 


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