Renovating Your Home? Don’t Forget The Heating And Cooling System


Renovating Your Home? Don’t Forget The Heating And Cooling SystemRENOVATING YOUR HOME? DON’T FORGET THE HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEM

As the pandemic keeps many Americans in their houses, home improvement projects are on the rise. With a long time spent at home, more homeowners value a comfortable and functional living space. Today, renovation and repair are preferred by 61% of people over relocation.

One key aspect of creating a comfortable, connected, and healthier home is its heating and cooling system. There are multiple considerations in implementing temperature and airflow control as part of a home improvement project:

  • More than half of homes in the U.S. were built before 1980. It’s crucial to maintain the durability of a house with quality heating and cooling systems that will last while still preserving an older home’s architecture.
  • Spending on home improvement projects is growing at twice the rate of other retail categories in the U.S. As the economy recovers and home prices rise, more homeowners choose to invest in remodeling projects to stay on-trend.

As homeowners tackle improvement projects, they can take steps now to improve a home’s temperature and airflow control with these feasible tips:

Place a plant shade outside: Solar rays enter the home from different angles and overheat various living spaces on bright and hot days. A tree in bloom can block up to 70% of radiation while also adding beautiful landscaping to your property.

Invest in a ductless unit: A ductless system is ideal for homeowners with limited space or older homes, as advanced technology enables preservation without major construction or intrusion. Carrier’s Ductless Performance™ Series high wall unit (40MAHB) with a 38MARB outdoor unit is a simple, cost-effective solution to control the temperature of individual spaces within a home while requiring minimal maintenance. The complete system creates a connected, energy-efficient home with lower labor, installation, and operational costs. Traditional ductwork does not provide mix-and-match flexibility, but Carrier Ductless offers single or multi-zone outdoor units compatible with high wall units, ducted, floor console, and ceiling cassette indoor units, allowing you to customize systems for premium comfort.

Or, consider if VRF is right for you: Variant Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems are versatile and powerful. A VRF single-phase heat pump designed for residential use delivers similar flexibility and control to a standard VRF system used to heat and cool large office buildings or industrial spaces. Carrier offers VRF systems that are easy to install, use, and maintain and do not require existing ductwork. Plus, the entire system can be run from a central location. Homeowners can also take advantage of VRF equipment that allows for multi-zone application within a compact footprint, allowing comfort and efficiency at the same time.

Clean your current system: Dust and other indoor pollutants tend to populate in overlooked areas of the home. During home improvement projects, it’s best to call a professional for system cleaning, which will allow you to continue renovations and design for better temperature and airflow control.

The home improvement industry isn’t set to slow down any time soon. Find unique, innovative ways to renovate your home temperature and airflow control system by reaching out to a Carrier dealer to explore Carrier Residential’s expansive suite of Ductless and VRF solutions. Renovating Your Home? Don’t Forget The Heating And Cooling System – (BPT)

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