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What Home Inspectors Look For During a Home Inspection

For some, the idea of a home inspection can be stressful. Some say because you don’t know what to expect, while others say it’s a deal killer. A home inspection may cause anxiety to both buyers and sellers, but it’s beneficial for both parties. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, you should know… Read More »

Nashua New Hampshire Buyer’s Inspection

Smart home buyers opt for a home inspection, so they know what they’re buying. At Xtra Mile Home Inspection, LLC, we understand how overwhelming the home buying journey can be—buying new construction or a resale? What’s important is that you get the home inspected. A home inspection is important for two reasons – to save… Read More »

Do I Need A Home Inspection?

  Buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases in a person’s life. The process is long and stressful. Perhaps you spent months searching for the right house before making an offer. Now that you have your dream home under contract, the process of writing checks begin. And, upon seeing your total expenses,… Read More »